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I am interested in starting a trucking company that provides long haul transportation for commercial companies. I request that I be provided finances to purchase one tractor truck. I have enclosed a profit estimation after expenses. This trucking business will be a joint venture by myself and Gary Faircloth.

America has always had a love affair with cars. For the average consumer, that love is most often expressed in the purchase of a used car. Used vehicles are less expensive and the purchaser’s investment doesn’t depreciate as quickly. However, new cars have always enjoyed one major advantage over used cars—perceived reliability, seen as the result of the manufacturer’s warranty.

Increased market for warranties on pre-owned vehicles

The “warranty advantage of new cars” has gradually been eroded over the years, with the proliferation of “program” vehicles which still have much of their factory warranty remaining, and with the growing business in aftermarket used car warranties.

A number of companies have entered the used car warranty business in the last decade and a half, but very few of them are making full use of the latest marketing tools to expand into nontraditional areas, such as direct-to-consumer warranty sales.

An Exciting Concept: A Pre-Owned Car Warranty Endorsed by Las Vegas Elite Motor Club! We propose to start a different kind of used-car warranty company, one that capitalizes on the latest cutting-edge marketing technologies while benefiting from “brand-name” recognition through our proposed affiliation with the Las Vegas Elite Motor Club.

Elite Motor Club Affiliation

With the skyrocketing interest in the Classic Auto Auction Company located in the heart of Las Vegas, we feel that an affiliation with the company would lend name recognition to our warranty products. In exchange for this name recognition, we propose to pay the company a set amount for every used car warranty contract sold.

For their part, The Classic Auto Auction Company would give our club their official endorsement and participate as fully as possible in the marketing of our warranty products. This would be achieved through promotional materials in the print, radio, and television media, as well as through personal appearances and other joint promotions.

Dealer Division

The Dealer Division would market our warranty products to all of the traditional markets, selling used car warranties to the more than 80,000 used car dealers in the United States.

Consumer Division

The Consumer Division would market our used car warranty services directly to the customer; via the Internet and other cutting-edge marketing technologies, information on our products would be widely available to used car owners nationwide.

The company web site would explain the benefits and advantages of our warranty products, and then offer the customer additional information on how to purchase those products. Banner ads would link our site to the Classic Auto Auction web site and other motor sports web sites, increasing the benefits realized by both the company and club.

Last word

Mr. Montego is advising a group of investors who are building a newer, stronger concept for marketing used car warranties. Clearly he and the rest of his development team have the industry experience and hands-on knowledge necessary to make this new venture an even greater success than Auto-Marketing Corporation was in the nineties. We hope that the Las Vegas Elite Motor Club will see the obvious advantages, and lend their endorsement to this exciting venture which offers much profit potential to everyone concerned.

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