Counseling services Business Plan

The organization providing these services — CCI, Career Consulting, Inc. — is operated by a respected professional who combines a distinguished military career with a master’s degree education in the counseling/human services area as well as extensive recent experience in providing educational and vocational guidance counseling for the Veterans Administration. As the sole proprietor of CCI, I personally guarantee satisfaction with all services provided by CCI. A brief look at my background will reveal that I have the experience and qualifications to provide this “satisfaction guaranteed” service by CCI.

CCI’s ability to provide these services is based on my ability personally to deliver these services. As a retired lieutenant colonel, I offer extensive knowledge of the military professional and of his/her needs as he/she transitions from military service into the civilian sector or into academic environments to strengthen his/her education. In my 25 years as an Army officer, I have provided extensive guidance and counseling to soldiers, and I have provided the service person with information of an educational and career nature along with self-information that facilitated decisions concerning education and career planning.

  • Most recently, I have applied the concepts and techniques I acquired while earning my master’s degree in counseling/human services as a contract Educational and Vocational Guidance Counselor for the Veterans Administration. While performing in that role for the past 15 months, I have performed activities which included administering testing and providing initial counseling interviews for Chapter 36 candidates.

From May 1999 to October 2003 I completed more than 100 cases. The process which I conducted included counseling and interviewing veterans as well as conducting tests that assessed interests, aptitudes, and abilities to assist the individual in making informed career decisions. I spent a considerable amount of time interpreting counseling notes, explaining interest profiles, and helping the counselee/veteran develop a plan of action.

In my most recent experience, I have demonstrated that I possess, and am able to apply in a counseling situation, my keen understanding of “pending” veterans’ needs and what adjustments they will be exposed to after leaving military service.

My 25-year career in the U.S. Army, during which time I rose to the rank of lieutenant colonel, provided me with certain kinds of “expert knowledge” that is needed in order

In addition to my expertise in the process of interviewing people, assessing their interests/aptitudes/abilities, and helping them develop plans to achieve their educational or employment goals, I offer proven abilities in the area of organizational effectiveness. In my 25 years of military service I became known as an exceptional manager of time and resources, and I have developed detailed plans which will permit me (CCI) to carry out the tasks involved in the process. I am known for my attention to detail and I have developed detailed plans which include the following:

I have direct access on a daily basis to a private counseling office (please see Appendix A) located at a convenient site on Fort Lewis, WA. The office provides a comfortable, private, and professional environment in which to administer vocational and educational tests and conduct guidance counseling interviews. The office is located in the Army Career Alumni Program Building located on the corner of Bailey and Cumming streets on Fort Lewis. The map attached as Appendix A shows the location.

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Last word

I have direct access (one day a week) to a test facility that can accommodate 30 individuals for educational and vocational testing. The facility is located on McAllister Street in the Fort Lewis Main Post Area. Again, please see the map attached as Appendix A. This location as well as the one described above are conveniently located in an area which should be either well known or easy to find for military personnel.

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