The Role of Pharma Sources Platform for API Pharmaceutical Companies: Efficient Promotion

The role of Pharma sources pharmaceutical exhibition platform for the pharmaceutical industry cannot be ignored as it has been cultivated in the industry. Especially after China accedes to the WTO and the successful holding of the Olympic Games and the World Expo, which made more people in the world aware of China and willing to come to China, Pharma sources have created a good atmosphere for China’s active pharmaceutical ingredient manufacturers to go abroad. Take a look at the details of the Pharma sources platform.

Witnesses of progress

China is evolving from a “generic power” to an “innovative drug power”. As a participant and witness of this historical stage, Pharma sources is going to celebrate its 20th anniversary with the turbulent Chinese pharmaceutical industry, with an unprecedented scale of the online exhibition and more than 3,400 high-quality enterprises from China and abroad, to jointly practice the dream of a healthy China and write the glory of the innovation era.

The driving force of industry development

From the early days, those pharmaceutical companies exploring the mission of pharmaceutical industry development and those pharmaceutical entrepreneurs who started their lives from scratch have joined Pharma sources and worked together for many years, forging a business platform that unites the wisdom of pharmaceutical people and collects the resources of many pharmaceutical companies, becoming an important driving force for the industry development.

Visit the official site of Pharma sources for detailed information.

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