The Strengths Of Telecentric Lenses

Telecentric lenses are a type of optical lens that can only collect collimated light ray bundles, thus eliminating the perspective error associated with ordinary industrial lenses. Find out in this article what the strengths of these lenses are!


The primary function of the telecentric industrial lens is to eliminate parallax in conventional industrial lenses. It may fall within a specific object distance range, ensuring that the produced image’s magnification is unaffected by changes in the object’s distance. The applicability of not being on the same surface is quite significant.

What are the strengths of a telecentric lens over a conventional lens?

Telecentric lenses can effectively solve the problems of ordinary lenses, so they can be used in high-precision measurement, metrology, etc. A telecentric lens is a high-end industrial lens, usually with superior image quality, especially suitable for dimensional measurement applications.

This type of lens is known for its many strengths, including:

– Increased clarity and resolution when photographing subjects close to the lens

– Reduced distortion and vignetting when photographing wider angles

– Reduced blurring and chromatic aberration when photographing edges and corners


Telecentric lenses offer several advantages that make them well-suited for industries. These lenses have a wider angle of view than other lenses, which can help you capture more important details in your photo or video. Additionally, they create a more realistic image because the center of the image is focused on while distortion is reduced around the edges. Finally, telecentric lenses are easier to use because they require fewer adjustments during shooting. If these factors sound like they might be right for you, then take a look at SmartMoreInside‘s selection of telecentric lenses and find the perfect lens for your needs!

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