You Can’t Miss The Five Advantages of Hengli Petrochemical

Hengli Petrochemical has efficiently built a powerful “big chemical” platform. Why can Hengli Petrochemical be world-class and what advantages does it have? In this article, you will learn about the five advantages of Hengli Petrochemical.

Five advantages of Hengli Petrochemical

  1. Scale advantage

The main equipment selected by Hengli Petrochemical includes atmospheric and vacuum and heavy oil hydrogenation units, reforming units, aromatics units, mixed dehydrogenation units, etc., which are domestically leading processing scales in terms of monomer and total scale.

  1. Comprehensive supporting advantages

Hengli Petrochemical has unique advantages in auxiliary equipment, mainly including self-provided power plants, realizing combined heat and power supply, providing cheap electricity and steam, and effectively reducing production costs.

  1. Advantages of the management team

The technical management backbone of Hengli Petrochemical has rich management experience, fully participates in the whole process from scheme to design to construction, ensures that the operation team can get familiar with the factory situation as soon as possible, and creates favorable conditions for the smooth commissioning of later production and the smooth operation of the factory .

  1. Advantages of advanced technology

From the perspective of technological advancement, Hengli Petrochemical’s refining and chemical project adopts international advanced technical standards, adopts the world’s most advanced and maturely applied process packages, and adopts the world’s leading professional water treatment engineering company France’s Degremont Environmentally friendly sewage treatment branches.

  1. The advantage of integrated production capacity

Hengli Petrochemical has basically achieved self-sufficiency in capacity matching and supply from PX to PTA upstream and downstream, saving transportation costs.


When it comes to the earliest and fastest implementation of the strategic development of the complete industrial chain of new polyester materials in China, Hengli Petrochemical is the market leader. Please get in touch if you wish to work with Hengli Petrochemical.

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