Best Methods to Get Rid of Spiders, and Cockroach in the House

Although spiders and cockroaches are part of the ecosystem, sharing space with them is not advisable; hence, it comes with its disadvantages. Instead of allowing them in, the reverse should actually be the case: wade them off. These two types of pests can cause life-threatening illnesses in humans and must be avoided at all costs. We all know that the traditional way of doing this is to smack it with the nearest broom or footwear, but what if we’d told you that you can still prevent them from even crossing your household in a more proactive manner.

But before we go into details, let’s highlight some of the health implications of these insects. A spider carries a venom that causes systemic illnesses in humans, which can lead to skin lesions and neurotoxicity in some extreme cases. On the side of the cockroach, they have been said to be the major cause of Salmonellosis, Dysentery, Typhoid Fever, Leprosy, and Cholera.

In Germany alone, the cockroach has been said to be responsible for infecting over 30,000 people each year with different illnesses. And since prevention is better than cure, it is only rational that you avoid getting in contact with these creatures talkless of letting them perch on/in edibles we consume.

3 Ways to Get Rid of Spiders and Cockroaches

  1. Leverage Diatomaceous Earth

Also called DE, it is a good natural insecticide for domestic use. When the cockroach has physical contact with the DE particles, it automatically dehydrates them and breaks its skeleton until they die. To apply it, all you need is to sprinkle it where you think these cockroaches are frequent, then allow the DE to do the rest of the job. Some advantages of using Diatomaceous Earth are that it is very affordable, has a strong effect on cockroaches, and, most importantly, is safe for pets and children.

  1. Baking Soda

Baking soda has similarities with the DE: it is very affordable, effective, and safe for kids. As non-toxic as it is to humans, it is very harsh on cockroaches. You can even use it to make cockroach bait using a DIY. To do this, slice out a handful of onions, sprinkle the baking soda all over it, put it in s shallow container, and keep it where these annoying creatures converge. This mixture causes gasses in cockroaches’ bellies, making their stomachs burst in minutes.

  1. Get Rid of the Webs

Unlike roaches, the spider has everything on its web. So, to get it off for a very long time, just remove the web. Although some are persistent, they will always relocate their web somewhere else. But the main trick here is to create a sweeping routine and watch all the windows, doors, and other high areas.


You can as well go the chemical way. But the problem we are having with the chemical method of getting rid of spiders is that it can harm humans, pets, and the environment. But not if you get the right ones. This is where we recommend the Boston Cockroach Control: an environmentally friendly yet effective anti-cockroach control for every home.

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