What Needs to Be Considered in Using AED?

In recent years, heart disease has become one of the major threats to human life. But relying on medical personnel to diagnose and transport to the hospital is far from enough for sudden cardiac arrest, a disease that requires a high level of emergency timeliness. Understanding AED, mastering some AED use, and general knowledge, in case of emergency can not only save lives but also save yourself. Advanced high-quality AED company Mindray to introduce some AED notes.

According to the timeliness requirements of first aid, AED equipment is required in some cases. Because it often takes time for medical personnel to arrive on these occasions, it is critical to use AEDs to give first aid to patients in sudden cardiac arrest in the first place.

Transportation: such as airports, subway stations, and train stations.

Long-distance transportation: such as long-distance trains and airplanes.

Tourist areas: such as national parks, forest parks, etc.

Schools, large assembly places: such as primary and secondary schools, higher schools, administrative units, etc.

Large leisure places: such as theaters, cinemas, stadiums, museums, and art museums.

Large-scale shopping places: such as shopping malls, department stores, underground streets, etc.

Lodging places: hotels, inns, hot springs, swimming pools, etc.

Mindray‘s AED products are well designed, have good stability and efficient working condition, and have detailed operation guidelines, which are suitable for equipping in the above public places. Visit their official website for more detailed information about their products.

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