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User-Friendly, Robust, and Sturdy DNL Caravan Jockey Stand with Improved Stability and Security

A sturdy jockey stand plays a crucial role in guiding and supporting your horse trailer or caravan. DNL, a leading brand known for producing the best trailer jacks, introduces their Caravan Jockey Stand, designed to provide a comfortable user experience, strength, stability, and safety. This jockey stand offers innovative features such as an ergonomic knob, a concise bracket design, a tri-corn rim for stability, durable materials, and integrated brakes. Let’s explore the key features and benefits of this caravan jockey stand.

Comfortable User Experience

The DNL Caravan Jockey Stand features an ergonomic knob that ensures the best experience of operating easily, with no feeling of tiredness. This user-friendly design allows for effortless operation and maneuvering. Caravan owners can easily position their trailers without straining their hands or experiencing discomfort. The comfortable grip and smooth rotation provided by the ergonomic knob enhance the overall user experience.

Simple Yet Strong

A selling point of the DNL Jockey Wheel for Horse Trailer is its concise bracket design. This simple, yet strong innovation is a testament to DNL’s commitment to effective and efficient design principles. The concise bracket not only adds strength to the jockey wheel but also reflects simplicity in its construction. This design ensures reliable performance and durability, making it an excellent choice for trailer owners seeking a robust and long-lasting jockey stand.

Enhanced Stability and Safety

The DNL 60mm Jockey Wheel stands out for its tri-corn rim design, which enhances stability. This feature ensures that the jockey wheel remains stable even when subjected to uneven surfaces or movement. Additionally, the integrated brakes provide an extra layer of safety. These brakes prevent unintended movement when the jockey wheel is stationary, making it especially useful on slopes or inclines. Caravan and horse trailer owners can have peace of mind knowing that their vehicles are securely positioned and won’t roll away unintentionally.


The DNL Caravan Jockey Stand offers a comfortable user experience, strength, stability, and safety for caravan and horse trailer owners. The ergonomic knob ensures easy operation without causing tiredness. The concise bracket design reflects simplicity and strength, providing a reliable jockey stand. The tri-corn rim enhances stability, and the integrated brakes prevent unintended movement, ensuring safety during stationary periods. With the use of durable materials, this jockey stand withstands the outdoor elements and offers long-lasting performance. Upgrade your caravan or horse trailer with the DNL Caravan Jockey Stand and experience the comfort, strength, stability, and safety it brings to your towing and parking needs.

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