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Elevating Filmmaking with SmallRig’s V-Mount Battery and Travel Tripod

When the worlds of innovation and filmmaking collide, the result is SmallRig’s V-Mount Battery and Travel Tripod – a combination that redefines how filmmakers approach their craft. This article delves into the capabilities of the SmallRig VB99 mini V-mount Battery and the SmallRig Lightweight Travel Tripod AP-01 3987, showcasing how this synergy can elevate your filmmaking journey.

Unleash Your Vision: SmallRig V-Mount Battery

SmallRig’s VB99 mini V-mount Battery is a game-changer in the world of power solutions. Despite its compact size, it delivers bi-directional 65W USB-C PD fast charging, intelligent battery management, and compatibility with various devices, such as  camera / camcorder / monitor / wireless video transmitter / video light / mobile phone / laptop etc.  Whether you’re shooting in the heart of the city or in the great outdoors, this battery ensures your equipment remains powered and ready for action. SmallRig’s commitment to quality guarantees a reliable and safe power source for your filmmaking endeavors.

Stability in Motion: SmallRig Travel Tripod

For filmmakers who demand stability without sacrificing mobility, the SmallRig Lightweight Travel Tripod AP-01 3987 is a dream coming true. Its aluminum alloy construction strikes the perfect balance between weight and stability, allowing you to venture into diverse shooting environments. 3-stage angle adjustment in23°/55°/87° and versatile shooting angles provide the flexibility needed to capture your creative vision, while the integrated bowl base and telescopic handle simplify setup and leveling.

SmallRig’s Synergy: Uniting V-Mount Battery and Travel Tripod

The magic truly happens when SmallRig’s VB99 V-Mount Battery and Lightweight Travel Tripod come together. The battery’s compactness complements the tripod’s portability, ensuring you’re equipped for any filmmaking journey. From capturing intimate moments to grand cinematic shots, this combination empowers you to tell your story with confidence. SmallRig’s dedication to innovation and excellence ensures that your filmmaking experiences are elevated to the next level.


SmallRig’s V-Mount Battery and Travel Tripod represent a transformative partnership for filmmakers. The VB99 mini V-mount Battery’s reliable power source, combined with the SmallRig Lightweight Travel Tripod’s stability and adaptability, makes for a winning formula. Let SmallRig be your ally in achieving filmmaking greatness, and watch your creative visions come to life on screen.

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