Streaming Services for Suckers for Knowledge and Conspiracy Theories

While watching entertaining fictional movies, series, and TV shows is super fun, as nerds what feels to be more fun are conspiracy theories and shows about surreal science facts, experiments, and knowledge. There are quite a few streaming services that are solely based on such subjects. These streaming services have shows and documentaries on topics such as mystery, conspiracy theories, history, science, and much more.

So, if you are also interested in more substantial and educational content that increases your knowledge and is also interesting at the same time, read on because we have just the right suggestions for you.

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The internet plans come with several speed tiers for you to choose from based on your requirement. Besides, MetroNet internet provides a fiber connection, which is ideal for your streaming or gaming. So, get your internet plan now, and enjoy streaming your favorite content.

Here are some of the streaming services that offer super interesting content.

Curiosity Stream

The founder of the discovery channel launched Curiosity Stream with a huge library of different titles on informational topics on history, conspiracies, science, technology, nature, psychology, and more. So, for your informative and interesting docuseries, you can subscribe to Curiosity Stream.

Besides, it is available on most streaming devices, is reasonable, and has amazing quality content. With one subscription, you are allowed to stream on 5 devices at a time, which makes it a pretty good deal.

PBS Documentaries

We have all heard of and watched documentaries on our childhood favorite documentary channel PBS Documentaries has been home to one of the best documentaries on topics such as national parks, sports, as well as modern wars. While it initially started as a channel, PBS is now a streaming service that you can get on your streaming devices. You can get it with your Amazon prime subscription.

On PBS you can watch all the high-quality binge-worthy documentaries and shows about everything that a nerd would like. You don’t even need a streaming service subscription separately because you can stream this channel on either your local TV or on your Amazon Prime account.


Kanopy is a video-on-demand platform for public and academic libraries and is free for students. It has lots of movies, plays, and documentaries on different subjects. You can sort and find content by subject, supplier name, language, or director name. The range of subjects is vast as there is content on science, nature, politics, human rights, and much more.

So, if you have an active library card, you can enjoy Kanopy’s content for free. Nerds will love this offer because there is a lot of interesting and educational content made by locals.


Discovery+ is an American streaming service by Warner Bros. Discover. The streaming service has many different titles from its own original shows and shows that have been famous among Discovery fans. The fact that Discovery has been famous and nerds’ favorite worldwide, gives you a reason to subscribe. You get content such as true crime documentaries, food content, science, astronomy, Earth series, and much more. Besides, you can add Discovery+ to almost all your streaming boxes and devices.

Magellan TV

Magellan TV is another TV streaming service that comes with a huge library with different titles ranging from war, space documentaries, science, ancient history, crime, technology, culture, and much more. The documentaries also explore the human spirit, the dark side, human nature, and psychology which is super interesting for anyone interested in the potential of the human brain.

Another amazing feature for nerds is that Magellan also keeps publishing articles on their blog page for extra knowledge and interesting information regarding their existing titles. Besides, the streaming service can be accessed on almost all streaming devices.

In Conclusion

The streaming services discussed above are great for nerds and people who are tired of watching fictional content and it has started looking cliché. These services come with some of the most interesting conspiracy theories, mysteries, science facts, shows on human psychology, spirit, and much more. If you are also curious for knowledge, subscribe to these reasonable streaming services and enjoy.

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