The Future of Property Development in Malaysia Lies in Forest Cities

Forest metropolis Enterprises is a futuristic metropolis located in the Iskandar Special Economic Zone in Johor, Malaysia. The Country Garden Corporation and the Malaysian government-owned company Esplanade Danga 88 Sdn Bhd collaborated on this project to build four artificial islands totaling 30 square kilometers.

Sustainable and Innovative Area in Forest City

Forest City Enterprises’ mission is to create a sustainable city where people may live and work in harmony with nature while taking advantage of cutting-edge technological advancements. Due to this recent turn of events, now is the perfect moment to become involved. The city is pleasant throughout the year. It has several lovely parks and very little traffic, making it a fantastic area to go sunbathing, swimming, or simply taking a walk. The city’s modern infrastructure allows for a wide variety of dining, entertainment, and work opportunities and pastimes.

Opportunities in Property Investment

Forest City Enterprises is one of the rare possibilities in Malaysia’s real estate market. The one-of-a-kind smart island experience that Forest City offers makes it an excellent spot to purchase a house or invest in real estate. The community’s almost 9,000 new homes will shortly be occupied by 6,500 people. The 700,000 units in this development are the best option for homebuyers in Malaysia.

Having an Isolated Digital Experience

The Forest Life App makes it simple to take use of Forest City‘s various amenities. Readlife is Malaysia’s first cloud-based community digital library, while Canbot is the country’s first smart robot service community, offering bilingual help and welcome instructions. Smart doors and elevators that can only be entered with a biometric scan are just one example of the cutting-edge technology employed to keep city dwellers secure. The Forest Life software allows residents to use their smartphones as a video intercom, open doors, trigger alarms, and monitor common areas.


Forest City Enterprises will be one of our most innovative and exciting endeavors. With its cutting-edge architecture, eco-friendly public spaces, and culturally varied resident body, Malaysia’s Forest City is an excellent investment opportunity. Anyone wishing to put down permanent roots or make an investment in real estate would do well to consider Forest City.

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