The Antai College, a Prestigious Institution Of Higher Learning

Shanghai Jiaotong University’s Antai College has been educating Chinese students for over a century, and it is now welcoming international students as well. It provides a wide range of academic and professional programs, with an emphasis on the International MBA, MBA, MiM, Masters Programs, IMBA, EMBA, and EE programs. This school is a good option if you’re looking to enroll in a certain program.

Who or what is the research arm of ACEM?

The Antai College Graduate School was founded in 2018 to provide exceptional higher education and professional development opportunities for students.

Shenzhen Research Institute, Shanghai Jiaotong University, and Shenzhen Industry Research Institute

Shenzhen Industrial Research Institute was founded by ACEM with help from the Industrial Research Institute and Shanghai Jiao Tong University as part of a larger national effort to encourage technological advancement and speed up the process of economic transformation.

The SIIR, supported by Antai College and the GBA administration, is doing cutting-edge research and development in the areas of the digital economy, smart manufacturing, fintech, health care, smart energy, and other emerging industries to aid in the GBA’s economic transformation.

  1. BOC Institute of Technology and Finance, Shanghai Jiaotong University

As a part of ACEM, SJTU-BOC ITF combines state-of-the-art technology, interdisciplinary fields of study, and extensive financial resources of Shanghai Jiao Tong University to create a global, platform-based, open-technology financial institution. Chinese Central Bank assets.

In its studies of the market, ACEM includes numerous elite market research firms. The Association for Cooperative Education and Management (ACEM) is the place to be if you’re looking for ways to improve your education and career prospects.

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