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Running Facebook Promotions and Contests

For years, Facebook has said that promotions and contests had to be run through applications and not on timelines, or walls, as people used to call them. Companies were not allowed to ask someone to comment or like a picture or a post to be entered to win.

However, that’s all changed. Facebook announced they’d changed their terms to make it easier for businesses to make and run promotions on Facebook. They’re letting pages run contests and promotions on their timelines. According to Facebook, businesses can now collect entries by having someone comment, like, or post on a page or a post.

They can collect entries by having the users message the page, and they can utilize the likes as a voting mechanism. Businesses with Facebook pages have many more options now, and they can run a contest quickly by posting a photo or text and asking people to like or comment on that post. You can get a lot more engagement on your page by running contests.

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Rules for Promotions and Contests

  1. If you’re using Facebook to administer a promotion or communicate, you are responsible for the lawful operation of the promotion, including the official rules, the eligibility requirements and offer terms, compliance with regulations and rules governing the promotion and prizes offered.
  2. Promotions on Facebook have to have a complete release of Facebook by each participant or entrant, and an acknowledgment that the promotion is no way endorsed, sponsored, or administered by Facebook – or even associated with Facebook.
  3. Promotions have to be administered in apps on Facebook or on Pages on Facebook.

If you’re wondering if the contest is going to work within Facebook’s rules, think about where the engagement is going to happen. If it’s directly on the page’s timeline or through the message app, then it’s probably alright. You can still use third-party apps to run contests.

Choosing What Type of Contest to Run

With more options comes the hard decision of what type of contest to run. You can break it down into these two options. Facebook timeline contests that give you more engagement quickly. Facebook app contests that give you a list of email addresses you can keep.

However, there are a few more consideration than these basic needs. You should take into account the pros and cons of each type of contest before you decide.

Best Practices for Contests

Timeline contests are excellent for businesses to utilize. However, there are some best practices you should follow on your Facebook contest.

Last word

Overall, Facebook is one of the giants of the advertising world when it comes to social media marketing, and, they’re a great place to start. There are over a billion people you can impress on Facebook, as well as relatively inexpensive options for advertising your company’s page, posts, and contests. However, if Facebook isn’t where you’d like to start, then Twitter might be your next best bet

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