Revealing tips on how to play the winning bet for Newbie

Trang chủ New88 đăng nhập Currently, soccer betting is considered an indispensable spiritual food for fans around the world. Because of this attraction, bookmakers have offered countless bets including bet to help players earn more income. To understand more, please immediately follow the information in the following article.

What are some details about the bet?

Pick and choose is a form of players choosing one or more types of bets at the same time to bring huge profits. Basically, to make it easier to understand, you will synthesize information about the matches of the participating teams. Then make accurate judgments and analysis and place bets.

Besides, this type of bet is currently attracting a huge number of members to participate in soccer betting at the house because the winning rate is extremely high. However, the betting bet It’s not easy, many people have failed miserably due to lack of experience and lack of analytical skills.

Thus, if you want to avoid maximum financial risks, you must know how to analyze and evaluate the strength of the teams. From there, make a judgment about which bet is more dominant to ensure that the soccer betting process brings in attractive profits.

In football, how much is the winning bet?

When you participate in soccer betting on your opponent bet This requires mastering the methods of calculating the payout ratio. Basically, usually these payout rates are given by the house, so you just need to apply the following calculation to know the profit you receive when winning the bet. Specifically:

How to calculate Asian odds

For those of you who have spent many years in the soccer betting industry, you are certainly no stranger to Asian handicaps. In addition, it will also include popular bets such as: Same ball, half handicap, 1.5 handicap,…

Thus, when participating in this bet, the house will provide a corresponding score on the odds table. And of course, the amount of money you earn will depend on the initial capital invested.

Besides, it will also have a payout rate corresponding to each type bet which you choose to bet on. Here are some examples for you to easily understand:

  • Today you choose the match between the two teams PSG and Man City for the ball bet with the house winning odds: PSG wins 0.89, Man City wins 1.0 in the first half, PSG wins 1.04 and Man wins 0.9 in the first half. 90 minute match time.
  • So, if you bet on Man 300K in the first half and they win, you will receive 1,000,000 VND.
  • On the contrary, if Man City loses, you will lose your entire bet.
  • In case of a tie, your money will be refunded.

How to calculate odds for European selection bets

In calculation bet For Europe, there will be 3 doors for you to choose from: Win – Lose – Draw. Thus, the winning rate will be divided equally between each door by 33.33% and of course your chance of winning is 33.33%. To better understand we will give a few examples below, bettors can refer to:

For example, in a match between the two teams Man City and Liverpool, you will bet on 3 bets: Man Wins – Liverpool Loses – Both teams Draw. So the betting odds will correspond to the number given by the house as follows:

  • Man City wins with a winning ratio of 4.4.
  • Liverpool wins with odds of 7.8.
  • Both teams that tie will have a payout ratio of 5.0.

Good betting tips for newbies

To ensure the process of participating in football betting for bet To bring high efficiency, you should pocket some useful experiences from the following veteran experts.

Based on house rate fluctuations

Normally, the bookmaker will provide odds before the match so that players can easily bet and choose. However, at some point they may change these numbers. For example:

  • Initially the house offered a rate of 1/2 but then reduced it to 1/4.
  • In this case, you should bet on the underdog to increase your chances of winning.

Avoid betting based on crowd effects

Practical experience shows that choosing according to the crowd is not always accurate. Therefore, sincere advice from veteran experts is that you should not play bet according to the crowd effect and the numbers.

Besides, you should not let your psychology be affected by this crowd effect. Thus, it is necessary to rely on your own analysis and betting to make accurate decisions.

Betting is based on the actual situation

The next experience from experts you should apply is to rely on assessing the actual situation in the match including: Player health, tactics, weather factors, competition history, performance. recently of both teams, etc. Thus, you need to collect all this information to make an assessment of which team is more dominant and make an investment.
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Choose the right time to bet

Normally, the bookmaker will offer bets for participating teams about 6 to 8 hours before the match. This is the most suitable time for you to bet because it has not had any major changes.

However, close to the time of the match, the bookies often use tricks to create virtual numbers to benefit themselves as well as entice players. Therefore, you need to carefully observe the bets before placing money at the last minute.


Through the above article, we have shared with you guys some playing tips bet Accuracy from seasoned experts in soccer betting. Hope this good tip of New88 will help you bring in a huge source of income as well as avoid temptations from the house.

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