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If you are looking for an online betting and gaming unit with global popularity and scale, you cannot ignore the OKVIP alliance. This is an alliance with more than 15 years in the online betting game market. When mentioning OKVIP, there is no professional who does not know the true presence of this brand.

The formation story of the OKVIP alliance

From its early days of establishment 15 years ago, OKVIP was just a strange name to players and the gaming market at that time. At that time, the number of people in the world using the Internet was still small, so this company went through many difficulties in its early stages.

When it first entered this small market, the company was called Taipei101 and was born at the end of 2006. As the Internet exploded, the company founder immediately thought of this type of entertainment and highly appreciated its potential. its development in the future.

At first, Taipei101 was headquartered in the Philippines – a beautiful country that allows this type of business to operate. The founder of this company built his first loyal customers here.

Early history of OKVIP

After more than 15 years, Taipei101 has now been renamed as an allianceOKVIP – the leading large unit in terms of the number of bookmakers, famous and reputable game portals as well as the number of players participating online every day.

Surely you are no longer unfamiliar with big bookmaker names like Okchoi, 789bet, Jun88,New88, Hi88,… And it doesn’t stop there, the alliance is also negotiating cooperation to build new bookies that meet the needs of different customers.

OKVIP’s core values ​​in entertainment media

To achieve the current development and expansion, much of the effort was put into building the foundation of core values ​​from the early days of this brand. Core values ​​in providing products and services of OKVIP include:

Diversity is always a great strength

This also explains why the OKVIP alliance is the unit holding the second largest number of bookmakers in Vietnam and Southeast Asia. This alliance is not simply about providing services according to your preferences but also about creating new trends for the market.

With many different large and small bookmakers, the brand wants to prove its first core value which is diversity. That’s why OKVIP is still able to survive in this volatile market.

Encourage creativity in all aspects

The alliance’s second core value is about creativity. The company highly values ​​creativity in all aspects, from employees, products, services, media… That is why the articles published by OKVIP are all quality articles with high creativity. .

In its products and services, this unit also integrates creativity in its programs sự kiện giải trí okvip Unique only available at this unit. It is creativity that helps OKVIP become always new in the eyes of customers.

Creativity in branding helps customers experience many new products. Creativity in each game helps customers not get bored. Creativity in each promotion program brings the best value to players.

Core values ​​of the OKVIP brand

Quality is the guiding principle of everything

OKVIPAlways put quality as a prerequisite in all of our brand choices. That is proven in efforts to develop information technology to transform and develop services that are increasingly simpler, easier and more secure for customers.

The reality is that with today’s saturated market, only quality units can survive in the current scam situation.OKVIP Always have a quality construction and development team to evaluate your products.

In addition, this alliance also creates activities to listen to customers’ opinions, thereby developing its services to become better and better meet customer needs.

Customers are the center of OKVIP

All three values ​​above serve the final and most important value, the customer. The Alliance always does everything possible to bring customers the best experience.

Currently, OKVIP is a rare unit that guarantees all benefits for customers under important terms and conditions. In addition, this unit also focuses on the satisfaction of players who participate in playing in the most fun and refreshing way.

Customers are at the center of every decision of the OKVIP brand. That’s why it was voted as the top entertainment house in Asia and now its reputation has gradually spread to European countries.

Customers are the number 1 priority center


Above is detailed information about major global entertainment brands -OKVIP. Thanks to its reputation and always putting customers at the center, it helps this unit become better and better in the eyes of players. Please quickly join the alliance to give yourself the most fun experiences.

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