Play-based learning in the classroom

Game-based learning in the classroom

Game-based learning is rapidly gaining ground as several technology companies are ready to invest in this field. The reason behind the growing interest of businesses as well as teachers in using games to enrich the learning experience is simple. Learning becomes effective and easier through games and learn to write essay at

What is game-based learning?

Learning through play is a means of transmitting learning through the use of cleverly designed gaming applications on mobile and online. It is designed to balance the lesson taught with play so that students/players can learn as well as apply the knowledge they have acquired in real-world situations. Friedrich Schiller had remarked in his famous essay:

“People only become fully human when they play,” could be the reason behind game-based initiatives.

Benefits of game-based learning

Experiential learning through well-designed games makes it possible to deliver all types of concepts and lessons easily. Until now, Learning Management Systems have tried to match the range of benefits that a classroom can offer. Now, both the internet and classroom management systems are equipped with interactive tools and interesting games that completely simplify the learning process. The following are the benefits of play-based learning:

  • Game-based learning helps children to imagine and think

Understanding concepts in physics, math or any other subject through interactive games is nothing short of fun for children in their developmental years. In a way, the play-learning technique helps teachers make the learning process more permanent.

  • Learning through creativity

Learning becomes a fun activity, and it helps a lot to increase the learner’s attention span. Since a student is personally involved in such games, the ratio of the information retained to the information provided is very high. Both teachers and students can have fun through interactive learning games.

  • It does not have a fixed detail

Another advantage of play-based learning is that it is not dictated by any static curriculum. A person can learn about any subject at any time from anywhere, using the application which he finds at the same time more fun and useful. In short, game-based learning has made it possible to discover new frontiers in education, making it more flexible, fun, and vibrant. Learning can now be extended beyond geographical barriers and reach anyone who has a penchant for learning and has a mobile device.

Applying learning through math games in elementary school

The biggest challenge facing any teacher is how to teach effectively. This is true for all teachers, but it is especially important for math teachers because most students who dislike math do so because of the teacher. Educational institutions are responsible for setting course objectives. However, the teacher is responsible for planning the lesson to achieve the objectives.
Mathematics remains a fundamental skill in our daily lives. Humans have been known to apply mathematical knowledge for over 4000 years. Gauss refers to mathematics as the queen of science, implying the importance of mathematics. However, students often perceive mathematics as a difficult subject. Many factors make students find it difficult to learn mathematics, and such a negative feeling may consequently lead a student to drop out of learning mathematics.
The first goal of the teacher is to achieve effective teaching. That is, to make it easy for students to understand the concepts, and one of the methods used today is game-based learning. IT is an integral part of modern society which bases its progress on the knowledge which is one of the goals of education.

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