AFM3000: An Advanced Mass Flow Sensor of Ventilators – What You Need To Know

Ventilation plays a crucial role in the management of respiratory diseases. To ensure that ventilators are able to provide patients with the best medical care possible, advancements in flow sensor technology have been made. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at one of the most advanced mass flow sensors of ventilators—AFM3000—and what makes it so special.

General Information of Saftty’s AFM3000 Gas Mass Flow Sensor

Saftty’s AFM3000 gas mass flow meter has a digital I2C interface and runs on a 5 Volt supply power. The digital air flow meter’s measurement findings are internally linearized and temperature corrected. Our sensor technology, which combines a heat sensor chip and a high-performance integrated 24-bit AD acquisition CMOS microprocessor, is the foundation of the AFM3000 mass flow sensor’s exceptional performance. A thermal sensor element that measures the gas flow rate ensures extremely quick signal processing and bidirectional monitoring with best-in-class accuracy.

Key Features of the AFM3000 Gas Mass Flow Sensor

The AFM3000 is a mass flow sensor that is designed for use in ventilators. It has a number of key features that make it an ideal choice for this application. Firstly, it has a low-pressure drop and low zero drift. This means that it is extremely accurate, with a typical accuracy of 1.5%. Secondly, the AFM3000 has a very fast update time, making it ideal for use in applications where speed is critical. Finally, the AFM3000 is bidirectional, meaning that it can be used to measure flow in both directions.


Saftty‘s AFM3000 is an advanced mass flow sensor for ventilators that offers excellent accuracy and reliability. Its features make it a great option for any hospital or medical setting, as its advanced technology can help ensure patient safety and care. We hope that this article has helped you understand what the AFM3000 is capable of and how it can benefit your patients.

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