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Your Top Choice as a Rental LED Display Manufacturer

As a leading rental LED screen supplier, BAKO has established itself as a prominent player in the LED display industry. With a strong focus on research and development, production, and sales of LED display products, BAKO has gained recognition for its high-definition displays, high-end rental LED screens, and creative commercial displays. With an expansive manufacturing facility equipped with state-of-the-art production lines, BAKO is committed to delivering top-notch quality.

Outdoor & Indoor Rental LED Display Innovations

BAKO’s impressive lineup of outdoor and indoor rental LED displays includes the Diamond Series V3.0 and V4.0, along with the Carbon Fiber Rental LED Screen, setting new standards for visual flair and sophistication. The Diamond Series V4.0 boasts a modular frame with finely tuned pixel pitch options ranging from P1.95 to P4.81, ensuring sharp images across various distances. A standout feature of this series is the innovative 90° connector, enabling stunning curved displays that transcend traditional flat screen paradigms.

Sleek and Rugged Diamond Series V3.0

The Diamond Series V3.0 represents a sleek and rugged solution for indoor rental LED displays. With quick maintenance and installation capabilities, this series offers customers seamless experiences. The V3.0 series excels in various indoor environments with its high refresh rate and multiple pixel pitch options. Its front maintenance design and easy accessibility to modules, HUB boards, power supplies, and cards make it a future-ready option. Furthermore, it supports XR Virtual Studio, enhancing stages with captivating mixed reality experiences. With curved installation capabilities, both inward and outward, the Diamond Series V3.0 presents a limitless canvas for creativity.

Lightweight and Portable Carbon Fiber Rental LED Screens

BAKO’s Carbon Fiber Rental LED Screens offer exceptional portability and shorter setup times. Thanks to innovative carbon fiber integration, these displays are 30-40% lighter than traditional rental displays, making them easier to transport and install. The fusion of carbon fiber with LED technology ensures durability and reliability. With energy-efficient operation and optimized pixel pitch, these displays deliver excellent visual fidelity. With mounting options to match diverse event aesthetics and structures, the Carbon Fiber Rental LED Screens offer flexibility and versatility.


BAKO stands as the premier rental LED display manufacturer, providing customers with a wide range of innovative and reliable solutions. Whether it’s the Diamond Series V4.0 with its curved display capabilities, the sleek and rugged Diamond Series V3.0, or the lightweight and portable Carbon Fiber Rental LED Screens, BAKO offers environmentally friendly, adaptable, and top-quality LED displays. As a trusted rental LED screen supplier, BAKO exemplifies excellence in the industry, ensuring exceptional visual experiences for a variety of events and venues. Choose BAKO and elevate your displays to new heights.

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