Trang chủ đăng nhập New88 As society becomes more advanced, technology also develops, forms of entertainment also follow suit. The need for entertainment such as gambling is raising the issue of fraud using extremely sophisticated high technology, typically infrared scanner in the traditional Vietnamese gambling game: coin toss.

So, in the end, is this form of fraud true as rumored online? Or are they just clickbait and scam tricks of illegal individuals and organizations?


Infrared scanner fraud is one form of fraud in gambling games. Using this device helps players easily predict the results of the coin toss game accurately and quickly, while also bringing significant financial benefits to the user.

The device to cheat discs with infrared scanners is a fraud method developed and commonly used in traditional Vietnamese casinos. The infrared scanners are connected to a compact, advanced electronic technology controller with the ability to vibrate to help players know the exact number at the end of the spinning process.

This device includes:

  1. Infrared laser scanner.
  2. vibrating chip

There are a number of variants that often have additional Bluetooth intervention on the phone or only include a single vibration chip because the scanner is already built into the vibration chip. The only and most sophisticated thing in common is that they are all compact, only half the size of a card, thin and easily inserted into the body or personal items such as wallets, cigarette packs, etc.

On the market, there have been many products of different types with only one purpose, which is to cheat the game of dice, and the prices are not cheap, according to our reporter who found out at Mr. N.T.H’s house (Hanoi). produces and sells such machines with prices ranging up to 200 million.

However, the use of infrared scanners is a violation of the law and is not accepted in legal casinos and bookmakers. Not to mention, the appearance of products like this is gradually causing traditional Vietnamese bookmakers and casinos to gradually remove this game from the list, this behavior is tantamount to denying and insulting the value of the game. The culture and intelligence of our ancestors took the effort to create, import and transform it into a game for Tet holidays. (According to Nhan Dan Viet Newspaper)

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Above is the information about disc tossing tricks using infrared scanners that we want to convey to you. I hope this information will help you have a clearer view of scams in gambling games and stay away from illegal activities, and lead a fair and correct life.

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