SMPS Usage Precautions

SMPS is a famous and sometimes necessary choice for DC-DC power conversion. These circuits offer distinct benefits and tradeoffs compared to other methods of converting DC power. This blog will briefly summarize the pros and cons of switch-mode power supplies and offer a simple review of their operation and theory.

Many major electronic DC devices get power from the standard power supply. But sometimes, traditional power sources might not match the required levels by microprocessors, motors, LEDs, or other loads, especially when the source voltage isn’t in control. Battery-powered devices are prime examples of the problem: the typical voltage of a standard Li+ cell or NiMH stack is either too high/low or drops too far during discharge that it is not usable in a conventional application.

Old technology used linear power supplies to give the output voltage, but energy dissipation was higher(wastage of energy). Output has higher efficiency, stabilization, and lesser energy dissipation.

The most common application of an SMPS is the power supply unit of a computer.

Here we have used a Lubi SMPS. You can use a different one as well. Everything will be the same(might be some minor differences in specifications.

So now that we’ve learned about its uses let’s move to things we need to take care of while using SMPS.

Things to take care of while using SMPS Power Supply:

-Don’t open the SMPS

-Check the connection properly. The cable should not be touching the body of the SMPS.

-Make sure to tighten the screws and connection.

-Make sure you connect the proper load as per the specifications; otherwise, it might burn.

-Use a multimeter when adjusting the voltage adjuster to check the changed voltage.

-Please don’t keep it in direct sunlight or a humid atmosphere for long.

-Make sure to use cables of proper thickness so that cables don’t burn out.

So above mentioned are the things we need to take care of/precautions while using an SMPS. If you want to know more professional information, please do not hesitate to contact ! Mornsun strive to provide customers with perfect power solutions and satisfactory service.

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