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Revolutionizing Respiratory Pathogen Testing: Sansure Biotech’s S3363E-12-P TB and RFP Kit

In the realm of respiratory pathogen testing, Sansure Biotech stands as a trailblazing in vitro diagnostics company. Their unwavering commitment to excellence has led to groundbreaking solutions that are reshaping the way we approach pathogen detection. In this article, we explore how Sansure Biotech’s S3363E-12-P TB and RFP Kit is making waves in the fight against respiratory infections.

A Breakthrough in Tuberculosis and Rifampicin Resistance Diagnosis

Respiratory infections, particularly tuberculosis, have long been a formidable challenge in healthcare. Sansure Biotech’s S3363E-12-P TB and RFP Kit represents a breakthrough in the diagnosis of Mycobacterium tuberculosis and Rifampicin resistance. By targeting sputum specimens, this kit provides unparalleled accuracy in detecting TB bacteria and drug resistance.

Advanced Extraction Technology

At the core of the S3363E-12-P kit lies the power of one-tube fast release technology for specimen extraction. This cutting-edge approach ensures swift and efficient release of target DNA, streamlining the diagnostic process.

Precision Down to the Last Bacterium

The kit’s remarkable sensitivity is a game-changer, with the ability to detect Mycobacterium tuberculosis at concentrations as low as 1,000 bacteria per milliliter and Rifampicin resistance at 10,000 bacteria per milliliter. Such precision is paramount in the early and accurate diagnosis of these respiratory infections.

Qualification and Compatibility

Sansure Biotech’s commitment to excellence is further exemplified by the CE qualification of the S3363E-12-P kit, signifying compliance with the highest European standards of safety and performance. Additionally, it is compatible with the advanced iPonatic III (S-Q36A) PCR instrument, ensuring state-of-the-art performance in diagnostic laboratories.


In conclusion, Sansure Biotech’s S3363E-12-P TB and RFP Kit are game-changers in the battle against tuberculosis and Rifampicin resistance. With their advanced extraction technology, remarkable sensitivity, and stringent qualifications, they empower healthcare professionals to make swift and precise diagnoses. As Sansure Biotech continues to lead the way in in vitro diagnostics, their solutions pave the path to a healthier future in the fight against respiratory infections.

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