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EVB’s Tethered EV Charger: A User Friendly Charging Solution

Electric vehicle charging should be simple, convenient, and compatible. EVB‘s tethered EV charger meets these criteria by providing a user friendly experience with its clear display and universal charging protocol. In this blog post, we will explore the benefits of EVB’s tethered EV charger, highlighting its easy to use display and compatibility with the OCPP6 J charging protocol.

Clear Display for Easy Monitoring

EVB’s tethered EV charger features a five inch LCD screen that offers a clear and intuitive interface for monitoring the charging process. This display provides real time information, including charging status, energy consumption, and charging time. With this visual feedback, electric vehicle owners can easily keep track of their charging progress, ensuring they have the necessary information at their fingertips. The clear display makes it effortless to monitor and manage the charging process, enhancing the overall user experience.

Universal Compatibility with OCPP6 J Charging Protocol

EVB’s charger is designed to be compatible with various electric vehicle models, regardless of the brand or manufacturer. It utilizes the OCPP6 J (Open Charge Point Protocol version 6 J) charging protocol, which is widely accepted in the industry. This compatibility ensures seamless communication between the charger and electric vehicles, making it a reliable and efficient charging solution for EV owners. Whether you drive a Tesla, Nissan, or any other electric vehicle, EVB’s charger will work flawlessly, eliminating compatibility concerns and providing peace of mind.


EVB’s tethered EV charger offers a user friendly charging solution with its clear display and universal charging protocol. The five inch LCD screen provides real time information, allowing electric vehicle owners to easily monitor the charging process. Additionally, the charger’s compatibility with the OCPP6 J charging protocol ensures seamless communication with various electric vehicle models. Say goodbye to complicated charging processes and compatibility issues. Choose EVB’s tethered EV charger for a user friendly experience that simplifies your electric vehicle charging and provides maximum convenience.

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