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Empowering Retail Success: Introducing Hanshow’s Stellar Series Digital Shelf Labels

Digital shelf labels have become a vital tool for retailers, revolutionizing the way they manage pricing and product information. Hanshow‘s Stellar series has emerged as the trusted choice for thousands of stores worldwide, delivering exceptional performance and reliability.

Stellar Pro Series: Putting Hanshow on the Map

In the competitive retail industry, digital shelf labels play a pivotal role in improving efficiency and customer experiences. Hanshow’s Stellar series has made a significant impact, establishing itself as the flagship ESL solution trusted by retailers globally. With its proven track record, the Stellar series has garnered a reputation for excellence and dependability.

Stellar Pro: Next-Generation ESL with Enhanced Features

Continuing the legacy of the Stellar series, Stellar Pro represents the next generation of digital shelf labels, offering cutting-edge features and improvements. Retailers can enjoy upgraded battery life, a specialized ESL chip, expanded storage, and overall enhanced performance. Stellar Pro is designed to meet the comprehensive needs of retailers, providing durability, stability, clear displays, fast update speeds, and optimized battery longevity. It is a powerful tool that empowers retailers to streamline operations and deliver an exceptional customer experience.

IP65 Protection for Extended Longevity

Durability is a critical factor in digital shelf labels, particularly in demanding retail environments. Stellar Pro addresses this concern with its robust protection features. The increased lens hardness ensures enhanced durability, protecting the labels from scratches and impacts. Furthermore, Stellar Pro 750 , with high protection rating, can safeguard against dust and water. This level of protection ensures extended longevity and reliable operation, even in challenging conditions.


Hanshow’s Stellar series, including the next-generation Stellar Pro, has established itself as a trusted solution in the retail industry. With its enhanced features, durability, and high protection rating, Stellar Pro empowers retailers to optimize their operations and provide a seamless shopping experience. Trust in the reliability and performance of Hanshow’s digital shelf labels to elevate your retail success. Experience the Stellar series and unlock the potential for improved efficiency, accuracy, and customer satisfaction in your store.

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