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Edan Hospital Patient Monitor: A Step Closer to Meeting Medical Requirements

In the fast-paced world of healthcare, staying at the forefront of medical technology is essential. Edan, a leading provider of innovative medical solutions, introduces the Edan Transport Monitor from their iX Series, bringing us one step closer to meeting the ever-evolving medical requirements. With its exceptional features, comfortable visual experience, and pursuit of perfection in industrial design, this monitor is revolutionizing patient care.

Standout features

Understanding the clinical needs of healthcare professionals, the Edan iX Series Transport Monitor combines advanced monitoring technologies with a user-friendly interface. Designed to bridge critical parameters with medical professionals across various difficulties, this monitor ensures precise and reliable measurements, enhancing patient safety and facilitating timely interventions.

One standout feature of the Edan Transport Monitor is its Continuous Noninvasive Blood Pressure (CNBP) technology. This real-time continuous monitoring system provides comprehensive information without the need for traditional cuff inflating or invasive penetrating methods. Patients can experience a more comfortable and effortless monitoring process, without the additional cost of accessories.

Additionally, the iFAST Rapid Blood Pressure Measurement feature optimizes the cuff inflation logic, streamlining the measurement process. With intelligent rising algorithms, it significantly reduces measurement time compared to traditional methods. Patients no longer need to endure over-inflation during measurements, promoting a more comfortable experience while maintaining accuracy.

A comprehensive guardian

The Edan Hospital Patient Monitor is a comprehensive guardian, monitoring a wide range of physical signs. It seamlessly adapts to multiple cutting-edge technologies and external devices, ensuring seamless integration with existing hospital systems. This comprehensive monitoring capability provides healthcare professionals with a holistic view of their patients’ health status, enabling them to make informed clinical decisions.


In conclusion, the Edan Hospital Vital Monitor from the iX Series is a remarkable advancement in medical technology. With its focus on meeting medical requirements and providing a comfortable visual experience, this monitor is redefining patient care. From its innovative CNBP technology to rapid blood pressure measurement and comprehensive monitoring capabilities, the Edan Hospital Vital Monitor is a game-changer in healthcare. Empowering healthcare professionals and enhancing patient outcomes, this monitor brings us one step closer to a more advanced and patient-centric healthcare system.

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