CNC Machining Service: A Guide to Materials, Finishes, and Capabilities

In the world of precision manufacturing, CNC machining service plays a crucial role in creating high-quality parts with impeccable accuracy. Huapin, a leading provider of CNC machining services, offers a wide range of solutions to meet various industry needs.

CNC Machining Materials & Finishes

Huapin’s CNC machining service covers an extensive selection of materials for both prototyping and production purposes. For plastic components, materials such as ABS, ABS+PC, PC, PP, PEEK, and more are available. Similarly, metal options like Aluminium, Brass, Copper, Magnesium, and Stainless Steel, among others, cater to diverse project requirements. Huapin ensures that customers have access to the most common and suitable materials for their CNC machining needs.

To enhance the aesthetic appeal and functionality of CNC machined parts, Huapin also offers a range of finishes. Whether it’s polishing, anodizing, powder coating, or plating, Huapin delivers superior quality finishes that meet industry standards. The combination of premium materials and exceptional finishes sets Huapin apart in the CNC machining service sector.

CNC Turned Parts

For components requiring axial and radial holes, internal diameters, grooves, and slots, CNC turning is the ideal solution. Huapin’s CNC turning centres specialize in high-speed turning of both plastic and metal materials. They can create end-parts with complex external geometries, cylindrical features, threads, and internal bores. With their advanced capabilities, Huapin’s CNC turning services offer exceptional precision and efficiency for a wide range of applications.


Huapin stands out as a trusted brand in the realm of CNC machining services. Their comprehensive range of materials, finishes, and machining capabilities ensures that customers receive top-notch parts tailored to their exact specifications. Whether it’s CNC milling or turning, Huapin delivers excellence in precision manufacturing. Experience the expertise and reliability of Huapin’s CNC machining service for your next project.

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