Online Sic Bo game at OKVIP – Tips for playing Sic Bo to win the fastest

Online Sic Bo is exploited more clearly at OKVIP Group: Unlike other game genres, online Sic Bo games are always quite high risk games because few people can guess and anticipate the steps of the game. Because it is a game that favors the player’s luck, almost no one notices that it still has good tips so you can have a 90% win rate. For long-time masters of playing Sic Bo, they have secrets to be able to play Sic Bo and always win in extremely good ways. Please follow the article below to learn more ways to play Sic Bo online and always win.

Overview of over/under at OKVIP

According to OKVIP Learned, online Sic Bo is an online game that is popular with many people because of its highly entertaining nature and completely easy-to-understand gameplay. Although for newbies, it is still easy to grasp how to play with just a short amount of time to learn. We can play on any device such as phone, laptop, iPad,…

The game originates from China, but not only people in this country of billions of people love it, but also residents around the world. Currently, Sic Bo is present in famous casinos around the world. Realizing that the level of interest of players in Sic Bo games is increasing, online casinos have released more Sic Bo games. Online fainting to meet the needs of players.

How to play Sic Bo

The way to play Sic Bo is very simple, the Sic Bo playing equipment includes 3 shaking balls with each 6-sided ball numbered from 1 to 6, a set of coin shaking tools and a betting table.

How to play is as follows:

Over: With a total score of 3 balls from 4 to 10

Under: With a total score of 3 balls from 11 to 17

With this way of playing, if the result is 2 points, 3 and 18, you still lose the bet.

The dealer will be the one running the game, they will be the one shaking the equipment and calling out the results. If you win the bet, the house will pay the bonus according to your bet ratio. If you lose, you will lose the amount you bet.

Similar to the rules of the game, online Sic Bo games are also played and operated like traditional games, even expanding the scale and betting options to make the game even more attractive.

Tips for playing Sic Bo online at OKVIP always win

Because the way of playing has been expanded and players want to always win in every game, there are good tips so that when you participate in an over/under game, you will always receive bonuses and a winning rate of up to 90%.
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Tips for predicting online Sic Bo games

The prediction tip is said to be the best tip in the online Sic Bo game, it is not only about recognizing the number of rounds of the bridge but also requires high practical ability in this game.

Bridge is the repetition of a result over and over again in a relative order and time. As long as you observe long enough and firmly grasp this skill, you can easily take advantage of it to prevail in winning. .

Tips for placing a type of bet

In the game, there are many different betting options that always attract you. However, each betting box has a 50% chance of winning, so you should not change too many boxes alternately, as this will increase your chances of winning. Your winnings are significantly reduced. Instead, you should just choose between over – under or big – small to play for a certain period of time.

Tips for reading tables in online Sic Bo games

In each game, the house always provides you with a detailed table of positions on the game screen. From here, bettors can read the table and analyze and predict how the next predictions will turn out.

However, this is also a very high skill in the game, requiring players to have previous experience and cannot be developed in a day or two.

Tips for dividing betting capital

This tip is a tip that you guys bet ondefense Most applicable in over/under matches. You should not be too hasty in speeding up your winning process by placing a large amount of money in the first few bets, because doing so will cause you to become empty-handed very quickly.

Instead, you should divide your betting capital into small pieces to make sure you stay long enough to participate in this bet, so that you can see the opportunity to take advantage of a large amount of money in the bet.

Join the extremely green online Sic Bo game experience at OKVIP

Online over/under bookmaker OKVIP famous in the betting world in recent years and rose to the top 1 because of the quality of the house’s Sic Bo games OKVIP top online. Here, we offer many extremely interesting and attractive betting levels. These hot, beautiful dealer girls will make even the most demanding guys nod in satisfaction.

DealerOKVIP Betting activities are under the supervision of the international betting organization PAGCOR under the Philippine government. Although it has only been in operation for the past few years OKVIP has a strong position in the Asian betting market. Why? Because OKVIP As a reputable and legal bookmaker, the number of players is increasing day by day.

DealerOKVIP owns a rich game treasure, a variety of betting games such as online casino betting, slot games, especially online Sic Bo,… and other extremely attractive games are waiting for players. you come to experience.

In general, the online Sic Bo game is not too difficult for new players, but to be able to understand and be good at this subject is really not easy. Above is a collection of tips that experts have secretly revealed to you. I hope you can soon take advantage of these tips and succeed. Wishing you good luck in your games.

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