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High-Quality Triple and Quadruple CPDA Blood Bags for Transfusion Needs

WEGO Medical, a trusted name in healthcare solutions, offers a range of disposable blood transfusion devices, including Triple CPDA Blood Bag and Quadruple CPDA Blood Bag. With a manufacturing history dating back to 2002 and an impressive yearly production capacity of 10 million pieces, they are committed to providing reliable and high-quality blood transfusion solutions for healthcare facilities worldwide. This article explores the features and benefits of WEGO Medical’s Triple and Quadruple CPDA Blood Bags, highlighting their importance in transfusion procedures.

Triple CPDA Blood Bag

WEGO Medical’s Triple CPDA Blood Bag is designed to meet the demands of modern transfusion practices. With a triple configuration, this blood bag allows healthcare professionals to collect and store multiple blood components simultaneously, streamlining the transfusion process and ensuring efficient blood management. Manufactured with precision and adherence to strict quality standards, their Triple CPDA Blood Bags offer reliability and safety in transfusion procedures, contributing to improved patient care outcomes.

Quadruple CPDA Blood Bag

In addition to the Triple CPDA Blood Bag, WEGO Medical offers the Quadruple CPDA Blood Bag, further expanding their range of transfusion solutions. Similar to the Triple CPDA Blood Bag, the Quadruple CPDA Blood Bag enables the collection and storage of multiple blood components in a single device, enhancing efficiency and convenience in transfusion procedures. With a commitment to quality and innovation, WEGO Medical’s Quadruple CPDA Blood Bags are designed to meet the evolving needs of healthcare facilities, ensuring optimal patient care and safety.

Quality Manufacturing and Compliance

WEGO Medical’s Triple and Quadruple CPDA Blood Bags are manufactured with precision and attention to detail. Each blood bag undergoes rigorous quality control measures to ensure compliance with international standards and regulations, including ISO13485 and CE certifications. With a focus on quality manufacturing processes and materials, their blood bags meet the highest standards of reliability and safety, providing healthcare professionals with confidence in transfusion procedures.


In conclusion, WEGO Medical’s Triple and Quadruple CPDA Blood Bags offer reliable and high-quality solutions for transfusion needs in healthcare settings. With a long-standing history of manufacturing excellence and a commitment to quality and compliance, WEGO Medical continues to be a trusted partner for healthcare facilities worldwide. By providing innovative transfusion devices with high production capacity, they ensure efficient and safe transfusion procedures, ultimately contributing to improved patient care outcomes.

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