Effective calculation and strategy for playing online Sic Bo in 2024

In participating in the Sic Bo game, you not only need to clearly understand the regulations but also need to master how to calculate the Sic Bo score and apply the winning formulas. But is this scoring necessary when there is a bookie to do it? And are there any methods of playing Sic Bo that are guaranteed to be effective? Let’s explore with Trang chủ New88 in the article below.

The secret to calculating over/under scores that you cannot ignore

Discover the important secret to calculating over/under scores

When thinking about over/under, most people immediately think about betting over or under. But in reality, this game is much more diverse, with many different playing methods.

Over and Under

This is the simplest method in the Sic Bo game, known to many players. Players only need to predict the result as Over or Under.

The result will be Under if the total score of the three dice is between 4 and 10, and Over if the total score is between 11 and 17. In case the total score is 3 or 18, the player will lose to the dealer regardless of the bet. to any option.

This method has a simple calculation formula, with a winning ratio of 1:1. How much money you bet will win you, for example, if you bet 100k and win you will get 100k back.

Even and Odd

Adding to the list of simple and easy-to-win ways to play, odd even is a popular choice. Unlike over/under, here players do not need to rely on the total score but instead calculate the parity of the total score of the three dice. If the total score ends in 0 – 2 – 4 – 6 – 8, the result is even, but if the ending is 1 – 3 – 5 – 7 – 9, it is odd.

With this simple way of playing, players only need to predict one of two options, so the winning rate is also 1:1, similar to the over and under betting method.

According to the score

If you are bored with the usual way of playing and want to find a bigger chance of winning while still keeping it simple, then try betting on points. Each dice has 6 sides corresponding to the numbers 1 to 6. Your task is to choose a number to bet on. If that number appears, you win.

The bonus amount will be multiplied depending on the number of times the number you choose appears. With three dice, you can get up to three times the amount you bet.

For example, if you choose the number 3 and the results of the three dice are 3 – 8 – 3, then the number 3 appears twice. If you bet 100k, you will get back 200k (including the amount you originally bet).

Effective strategy for playing Sic Bo online

How to play Sic Bo online effectively and win

These are the secrets to playing Tai Xiu that no bookie wants players to know, including:

Play Over/Under quickly

NIf you have enough capital and know how to do it, you will definitely have a chance to win big. The basic principle of this method is to choose a betting option and continue betting consecutively for several rounds, with each subsequent round having a bet twice that of the previous round. You only stop betting when you win and return to the original bet level.

Note that the doubling method should only be applied when playing over/under or odd even, because its effectiveness on other forms of betting is not high.

Play Over/Under according to the base

During the process of playing Tai Xiu, there are times when you can recognize that the game’s trend is following a certain form, which can continuously result in over, under, even or odd numbers. That is the opportunity for you to take advantage of, called the flat bridge. This is the time for you to bet on that trend until the situation changes.

Note that the bridge usually appears about 5 – 6 times. Right from the 3rd game if you recognize signs of a flat bridge, bet immediately and do not hesitate, because waiting can cause you to miss the opportunity.

Play Over/Under according to the rhythm

Strategy for playing over/under according to the rhythm, seizing the chance to win

Rhythm Over/Under is a type of bet that occurs according to a specific rule, for example 1 – 1, 2 – 2, 1 – 2 – 3, or 3 – 2 – 1 rhythm.

  • 1 – 1 rhythm: The characteristic of this type is that the results change regularly through each game, for example under – over – under – over or over – under – over – under, and continues for 7 – 8 solid board. The advice is to start betting from the 4th game with a high bet, then gradually decrease from the 6th game onwards.
  • Beat 2 – 2: Similar to beat 1 – 1, but each result is doubled. For example, under – under – over – over or over – over – under – under. Playing strategy is similar to above.
  • 1 – 2 – 3 rhythm: This type includes 6 games per turn and the results follow the format of over – under – under – over – over – over or under – over – over – under – under – under. After recognizing the signs, predict the corresponding results.
  • Rhythm 3 – 2 – 1: Similar to rhythm 1 – 2 – 3, but in reverse, for example under – under – under – over – over – under or over – over – over – under – under – over. The gameplay is similar.
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Play TaiFaintaccording to calendar history play

You need to pay attention to the results of previous games, whether there are any patterns or not, and grasp what patterns are going on. For those new to Sic Bo, recognizing this rule may be a bit difficult, but surely when you observe enough, you will recognize it.

Stonenh FinanceFaint according to plank before

There is no need for complexity or much calculation, this method is based on a simple principle: the result of the previous game will affect the next game. For example, if the previous game was an even result, you would also bet on even for the next game.

Conclude essay

In this content,New88 shared with you important information about methods of playing over/under and how to calculate over/under scores. In addition, we have also revealed many other secrets in other topics on the website, you can read to get more information.

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